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Past Webinars

Exploring the impactful ITSM trends of the current decade

Karen Ferris, Director - karenferris.com and Macanta Consulting.
34 minutes

The significance of a CAB and how to manage it effectively in a hybrid work mode

Vawns Murphy, Lead IT partner - Service Delivery at Silva Homes
34 minutes

Keeping the lights on at NHS Digital

Sally Bogg, Head of Live Service, and Paul Fixter, Service Manager, at NHS Digital
49 minutes

Measuring the service desk's contribution to value

Peter Brooks, Independent trainer, author, and consultant in service governance
56 minutes

The service desk and the next normal

Vawns Murphy, lead IT partner - service delivery at Silva Homes
61 minutes

The service desk is your best technology coach

Daniel Breston, Experienced IT coach and blogger
48 minutes

How high velocity organizations enable resilience & antifragility

Troy DuMoulin, VP of research and development at Pink Elephant
35 minutes

ITIL® 4 and the digital enterprise working beyond IT

Barclay Rae, ITIL 4 architect and co-author
60 minutes

7 ITIL® 4 tips for service professionals

Barclay Rae, ITIL 4 co-author
60 minutes

Everything you need to know about ITIL®4

Dr. Mauricio Corona, ITIL 4 architect
62 mins

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